Monday, November 6, 2017

 In our group is Jahzell, Ani and Mindy
We enjoyed studying and finding information about the topic we have chosen which is the                   Te Arawa Secondary Nationals for kapa haka. Ani found the information and Jahzell put all the information together for our presentation. Mindy helped by researching and running around looking for things to add to our paper. What we found interesting in our work was how hard the questions were to answer. The questions did not have a simple answer, we had to really think about what we were talking about and write the best answers down for it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Literacy Braingym 4

a. Social media, books, teachers, articles, the internet, dictionary, everywhere
b. Look in a dictionary, ask people around you, look it up on the internet, sound it out

My 5 words

  • predict- saying something that WILL happen
  • analysed- put in detail to identify key factors, causes, and possible results
  • hypothesis- an explanation made by short evidence that has more investigating to do
  • sequence- particular order where similar/related stuff follow each other
Influence- My parents think i have a boys have a bad influence on me.
Investigate- The police have to investigate who killed my brother.
Maintain- I am trying to maintain my 100% attendance at school.
Select- Select one of the following profiles:
Method- I have a crazy method!!